Anonymous asked:

what he thinks when he wakes up before you and sees you sleeping :)

5sos-writing answered:

(i think imma make this a thing - Em x)

Ashton: "She’s so gorgeous..oh god..she’s so fucking gorgeous…lemme fuck you right now…wait ash fuck that’s illegal" Y/N! WAKE UP I NEED SEX !

Luke: " I should totally like pull the strands of loose hair behind her ear, she’ll be so fucking impressed with the semi romantic shit I do. OoooooOOO I can make her breakfast *anxious emoji* GONNA BE DA BEST DAY EVA!"

Calum:" She looks so peaceful…like a puppy we should totally buy a puppy omg she’s gonna be so impressed with me YASSSS"

Michael: " Bitch wake the fuck up and make me breakfast"